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SA Billing Customer Testimonials

Keener Communications, Inc

Keener Communications started using  SA Billing in January of 2015, and we have been very happy. We found that SA Billing was much less complicated and rigid than other systems, which makes it user friendly and easy to train on. We love that customers can access their invoices and pay online through the web portal. Credit card processing and posting used to take us days as each credit card payment had to be manually entered; In SA Billing, with just one touch of a button, both the processing and the posting are done.  This saves so much time.

Even with the simplicity of use, the system is able to do complex set-ups to invoice specific scenarios for clients, such as parent/child invoicing. The reporting is phenomenal: The reports are easy to read and understand. With other platforms, some reports are gone after the billing cycle, or after a year, but with SA Billing, all imported data & reports remain available and can be reviewed as far back as needed. Reports can be pulled into a CSV file to sort for specific information, or be run in PDF format. My favorite is the Revenue Analysis worksheet, which we run before finalizing invoices: For each account, it shows last month’s base rate & usage, the current invoice base rate & usage, and the variance for both categories: This allows us to very quickly scan for anomalies, which is huge! The support team has been very open to our ideas for improvements and new features, and they have been responsive when we had questions.

This truly is a great, inexpensive, and easy to use system which I gladly recommend.

Jannemieke Keener
Keener Communications, Inc